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MÜLLER, Otto, a German novelist, born at Schotten, Hesse-Darmstadt, June 1, 1816. He began his career as a librarian and a journalist, and resided in various places till 1856, when he settled in Stuttgart. He early published a series of novels, and in 1845 appeared his Bürger, ein deutsches Dichterleben, which was followed by Georg Völker and other political novels. In 1854 appeared his admirable Charlotte Ackermann. Among his subsequent novels are Der Klosterhof (1859), Aus Petrarca's alten Tagen (1862), Erzählungen und Charakterbilder (1865), Der Wildpfarrer (1866), Der Professor von Heidelberg (1870), Der Fall von Konstanz (1872), and Der Majoratsherr (1873). His Ausgewählte Schriften appeared in Stuttgart (12 vols., 1874).