The American Cyclopædia (1879)/Pittsylvania

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PITTSYLVANIA, a S. county of Virginia, bordering on North Carolina, bounded N. by the Staunton, intersected by the Banister through the middle, and drained by the Dan river on the south; area, about 900 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 31,343, of whom 16,084 were colored. It has a diversified surface and fertile soil. The Richmond, Danville, and Piedmont railroad passes through it. The chief productions in 1870 were 125,359 bushels of wheat, 307,657 of Indian corn, 252,787 of oats, 20,332 of Irish and 9,145 of sweet potatoes, and 4,282,511 lbs. of tobacco. There were 2,926 horses, 1,310 mules and asses, 5,031 milch cows, 1,175 working oxen, 6,584 other cattle, 5,664 sheep, and 21,197 swine. Capital, Pittsylvania Court House.