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Edition of 1879. See also Vác on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

WAITZEN, or Waizen (Hun. Vácz), a town of Hungary, in the county and 20 m. N. of the city of Pesth, on the left bank of the Danube; pop. in 1870, 12,894. It has a Roman Catholic bishop, a fine cathedral after the model of St. Peter's at Rome, and other churches, an episcopal palace with Roman and mediæval monuments, a theological seminary, a Piarist college with a gymnasium, and other schools and charitable institutions. There is a considerable trade in wine. Waitzen is one of the earliest Magyar settlements. The Turks were defeated here in 1597, and decisively in 1684 by Charles of Lorraine, who took the town. Görgey defeated the Austrians at Waitzen on April 10, 1849, and had a bloody conflict here with the Russians under Paskevitch on July 15.