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Edition of 1879. See also Carl Werner on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

WERNER, Karl, a German painter, born in Weimar, Oct. 4, 1808. He studied in Leipsic and Munich, resided chiefly in Rome from 1833 to 1853, in 1857 explored Spain, and in 1862 and 1867 the East. He excels in water-colors. His works include “Venice in her Zenith and Decline,” “The Ducal Palace, with a Scene from the Merchant of Venice,” “The Triumphal Procession of Doge Cantarini” (5 ft. high), “The Zisa Hall in Palermo,” “The Lions' Court of the Alhambra,” and “Jerusalem and the Holy Land,” the last comprising 30 designs, published with text and colored plates (London, 1866-7).