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Edition of 1879. See also Annis Lee Wister on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

WISTER, Annis Lee, an American authoress, born in Philadelphia about 1840. She is a daughter of the Rev. William Henry Furness, and the wife of Caspar Wister, a physician of Philadelphia. She has translated from the German “Seaside and Fireside Fairies,” by Georg Blum and Ludwig Wahl (Philadelphia, 1864); “The Old Mamselle's Secret” (1868) “Gold Elsie” (1868), and “The Countess Gisela” (1869), by Eugenie John (E. Marlitt); “Only a Girl, or a Physician for the Soul,” by Wilhelmine von Hillern (1870); and Hackländer's “Enchanting and Enchanted” (1870).