The Ancient Scriptures and the Modern Jew

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The Ancient Scriptures and the Modern Jew  (1901)  by David Baron
Table of Contents


Preface to the Second Edition


I. The Interregnum and "Afterward"
II. The "Ichabod" Period and the Return of the Glory of Jehovah
III. The Silence of God: How it Shall be Broken
I. In Relation to the Church,
II. In Relation to Israel,
III. In Relation to Christendom,
IV. The Conclusion of the Hallel
(A Prophetic Drama of the End of the Age.)


I. A Bird's-Eye View of the Jewish People
II. The General Conditions of the Jews at the Close of the Nineteenth Century from a Jewish Point of View
III. The Religious Condition of the Jews and Causes of Jewish Unbelief in Christ, from a Christian Point of View
IV. Religious Divisions and Sects Among the Jewish People
V. The Present Attitude of the Jews in the Relation to Christianity
VI. Anti-Semitism
VII. Zionism and the Zionist Congress
VIII. Israel's Mission to the World, and the Church's Mission to Israel
IX. Anglo-Israelism and the True History of the Ten "Lost" Tribes
(A Letter to an Inquirer.)


Appendix I.
Appendix II.
Appendix III.

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