The Argonautica (Apollonius, tr. Seaton)/Summary of Book 1

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627304The Argonautica — Summary of Book 1R. C. Seaton


Invocation of Phoebus and cause of the expedition (1–22).—Catalogue of the Argonauts (23–233).—March of the heroes to the port: farewell of Jason and Alcimede (234–305).—Preparations for departure and launching of Argo: sacrifice to Apollo: prediction of Idmon (306–447).—The festival, insolence of Idas, song of Orpheus and departure (448–558).—Voyage along the coast of Thessaly and across to Lemnos (559–608).—Recent history of Lemnos and stay of the Argonauts there: farewell of Jason and Hypsipyle (609–909).—Voyage from Lemnos by Samothrace to the Propontis: reception by the Doliones of Cyzicus (910–988).—Fight against the Giants: departure and return of the Argonauts to Cyzicus: sacrifice to Rhea on Mt. Dindymum (989–1152).—Arrival among the Mysians: rape of Hylas, which is announced to Heracles (1153–1260).—While Heracles and Polyphemus search for Hylas they are left behind (1261–1328).—The fate of Heracles and Polyphemus: arrival of Argo among the Bebrycians (1329–1362).