The Army and Navy Hymnal/Catholic/O Lord, I Am Not Worthy

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The anonymous tune is more commonly known as Aulé.

O Lord, I Am Not Worthy 9
* * * Traditional Air

1.O Lord, I am not worthy,
That thou shouldst come to me,
But speak the word of comfort,
My spirit healed shall be.
2.I'm longing to receive thee,
The Bridegroom of my soul,
No more by sin to grieve thee,
Or fly thy sweet control.
3.O Lord, thou art all holy,
The angels thee adore;
How, then, ought I sincerely
My wrongs and sins deplore!
4.But when thou soon wilt enter
My heart, my sinful heart,
Then heal me, be my shelter,
For thou my Savior art.
5.O Lord, how can I thank thee
For such a gift as this?
A gift which truly filleth
My soul with heavenly bliss!
6.I praise thee, I extol thee,
I love thee, O my Sire,
Till once in joy and glory,
In heaven I thee admire.