The Army and Navy Hymnal/Catholic/With Grateful Hearts

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21 With Grateful Hearts
Ancient Tune

1.With grateful hearts we breathe today
We carol forth a little lay To thee, Great saint in heaven above.
O Joseph dear, from thy bright throne, Incline thine ear unto our prayer,
And o'er us all as o'er thine own, Ex,tend thy fond paternal care;
Extend thy fond paternal care
2.More favoured than earth's greatest king, Thou wert the guardian of that Child,
Around whose crib full choirs did sing, With cadenced voices soft and mild.
O Joseph &c.
3.All Hevan's host on that great night, Looke on the child, the Spouse and thee,
And ravished with so fair a sight,Struck loud thier harps with jubilee.
O Joseph &c
4.They sang the praises of thy son, In strains of sweetest melody,
And lowly bowed with awe anon, Before thy Virgin Spouse and thee.
O Joseph &c.