The Army and Navy Hymnal/Hymns/Angel of Peace

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162 Angel of Peace
(AMERICAN HYMN. 10, 10, 10, 10, D.)
Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1869 Matthias Keller, 1866

1.Angel of peace thou hast wandered too long;
Spread thy white wings to the sunshine of love!
Come while our voices are blended in song,
Fly to our ark like the storm-beaten dove,—
Fly to our ark on the wings of the dove,
Speed o'er the far-sounding billows of song,
Crowned with the olive-leaf garland of love;
Angel of peace, thou hast waited to long!
2.Brothers we meet on this altar of thine,
Mingling the gifts we have gathered for thee ;
Sweet with the odors of myrtle and pine,
Breeze of the prairie and breath of the sea,—
Meadow and mountain and forest and sea;
Sweet is the fragrance of myrtle and pine
Sweet the incense we offer to thee ;
Brothers once more round this altar of thine!
3.Angels of Bethlehem, answer the strain!
Hark! a new birth-song is filling the sky
Loud as the storm-wind that tumbles the main,
Bid the full breath of the organ reply,—
Loud let the tempest of voices reply;
Roll its long surge like the earth shaking main!
Swell the vast song till it mounts to the sky!
Angels of Bethlehem, eecho the strain! Amen

Angel of peace