The Army and Navy Hymnal/Hymns/In the Lonely Midnight

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In the Lonely Midnight 39
Theodore Chickering Williams, 1855-1915 Alonzo P. Howard, 1838-1902


In the lone - ly mid - night
On the win - try hill,
Shep-herds heard the an-gels
Sing- ing, 'Peace, good - will.'
Lis-ten, O ye wea-ry,
To the an - gels' song
Un - to you the tid - ings
Of great joy be - long.


Though in Da-vid's cit - y
An - gels sing no more,
Love makes an - gel music
On earth's dark - est shore ;
Tho' no heavenly glory
Meet your wondering eyes,
Love can make your dwelling
Bright as par - a - dise.


Though the child of Ma - ry,
Sent from heaven on high,
In his man - ger cra - dle
May no lon - ger lie,
Love is King for - ev - er,
Tho' the proud world scorn;
If ye tru - ly seek him,
Christ your Kings is born.

Copyright, Hymn and Tune Book, Unitarian