The Army and Navy Hymnal/Hymns/Saviour, Lead Me, Lest I Stray

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218 Saviour, Lead Me, Lest I Stray
Frank M. Davis Frank M. Davis

1.Savior, lead me, lest I stray (lest I stray,)
Gently lead me all the way; (all the way;)
I am safe when by thy side, (by thy side)
I would in thy love abide. (love abide)
Lead me, Lead me, Saviour lead me, lest I stray;lest I stray)
Gently down the stream of time, (stream of time,)
Lead me, Saviour, all the way. (all the way)
2.Though the refuge of my soul (of my soul)
When life's stormy billows roll (billows roll)
I am safe when thou art night (thou art nigh)
On thy mercy I rely (I rely)
3.Saviour, lead me, till at last, (till at last,)
When the storm of life is past, (life is past,)
I shall reach the land of day, (land of day,)
Were all tears are wiped away (wiped away.)

Used by permission of F. M. Davis, owner of Copyright