The Army and Navy Hymnal/Hymns/When Thy Heart with Joy O'erflowing

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The Army and Navy Hymnal edited by Henry Augustine Smith
When Thy Heart with Joy O'erflowing by Theodore Chickering Williams
(Bullinger by Ethelbert William Bullinger)

When Thy Heart with Joy O'erflowing 137
(BULLINGER. 8,5,8,3)
Theodore Chickering Williams, 1891 Ethelbert W. Bullinger, 1877

1.When thy heart with joy o'erflowing,
Sings a thankful prayer,
In thy joy, O let thy brother
With thee share.
2.When thy harvest sheaves in gathered,
Fill thy barns with store,
To thy God and to thy brother
Give the more.
3.If thy soul, with power uplift ed,
Yearn for glorious deed,
Give thy strength to serve thy brother
In his need.
4.Share with him thy bread of bless -ing, Sor - row's bur - den share;
When thy heart en folds a brother
God is there Amen