The Beginner's American History

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The Beginner's American History (1904)
by David H. Montgomery
3338The Beginner's American History1904David H. Montgomery

The National Capitol

The Beginner's
American History

D. H. Montgomery

Author of the Leading Facts of History Series

Boston, U.S.A.

Ginn & Company, Publishers

The Athenæum Press


Prefatory note


This little book is intended by the writer as an introduction to his larger work entitled The Leading Facts of American History.

It is in no sense an abridgement of the larger history, but is practically an entirely new and distinct work.

Its object is to present clearly and accurately those facts and principles in the lives of some of the chief founders and builders of America which would be of interest and value to pupils beginning the study of our history. Throughout the book great care has been taken to relate only such incidents and anecdotes as are believed to rest on unexceptionable authority.

The words quoted literally in this book are enclosed in double quotation marks; those quoted in substance only are enclosed in single marks; while those attributed by the writer to different speakers have no marks.

In this edition the paging has been changed, but the numbering of the paragraphs remains the same.

David H. Montgomery.


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List of large maps

NOTE.—In these maps it has been thought best to give the boundaries of the thirteen original states as they now exist; and to show the outlines of other states before they were organized and admitted.

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