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Supplementary List of Readings, Recitations, and Plays

All Hallowe'en (story) All the Year Round, 60:347
All Souls' Eve (story) Hopper Eng. Illus. Mag., 18:225
All Souls' Eve (story) Lyall Temple Bar., 124:379
Black cat (story) Poe
Boogah Man Dunbar Eldridge Entertainment House
Brier-Rose (story) Grimm Fairy tales
Broomstick brigade J. T. Wagner 6 Barclay St., N. Y. City
Bud's fairy tale (poem) Riley Child-world
 Children's Play with musical
         accompaniment Musician, 16:693
Corn-song (poem) Whittier
Elder-tree mother (story) Andersen Fairy tales
Fairies (poem) Allingham
Fairy and witch (play) Nelson Eldridge Entertainment
Feast of the little lanterns
       (operetta) Bliss
Fisherman and the genie Arabian Nights
Ghost (story) O'Connor
Ghosts I have met Bangs
Ghost's touch (story) Collins
Golden arm (story) Clemens How to tell a story
Goblin stone (play) Wickes Child's Book, p. 127
Guess who (song and drill) Murray Eldridge Entertainment
Hallowe'en adventure McDonald Canad. Mag., 12:61

Hallowe'en adventure Koogle Eldridge Entertainment
                  (play) House
Hallowe'en frolic Cone St. N. 20 pt. 1:15
Haunted gale (play) Wormwood Eldridge Entertainment
House in the wood Grimm Fairy tales
Little Butterkin Asbjornsen Fairy tales from the
                  (story) far north
Little Donna Juana Brooks
Mother Goose recital Musician, 21:633
Nix of the mill-pond Grimm Fairy tales
Peter Pan in Kensington Barrie
         Gardens (story)
Rapunzel (story) Grimm Fairy tales
Red shoes (story) Andersen Fairy tales
Scarecrows a-roaming Eldridge Entertainment
                  (play) House
Seein' things (poem) Field Love songs of childhood
Snow-white (story) Grimm Fairy tales
Straw phantom (pantomime) Blackall St. N., 44:1133
Testing of Sir Gawayne Merington Festival plays,
                   (play) p. 211
Voyage of Bran Meyer
Walpurgisnight (story) Zschokke
Wind in the rose-bush Freeman