The Book of Scottish Song/Happy Friendship

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Happy Friendship.

[This song is attributed to Burns, but without much certainty.]

Here around the ingle bleezing,
Wha sae happy and sae free;
Though the northern wind blaws freezing,
Frien'ship warms baith you and me.
Happy we are a' thegither,
Happy we'll be yin an' a',
Time shall see us a' the blither
Ere we rise to gang awa'.

See the miser o'er his treasure
Gloating wi' a greedy e'e!
Can he feel the glow o' pleasure
That around us here we see?

Can the peer, in silk and ermine,
Ca' his conscience half his own:
His claes are spun an' edged wi' vermin,
Though he stan' afore a throne!

Thus then let us a' be tassing
Aff oxir stoups o' gen'rous flame;
An' while roun' the board 'tis passing,
Raise a sang in friendship's name.

Frien'ship mak's us a' mair happy,
Frien'ship gi'es us a' delight,
Frien'ship consecrates the drappie,
Frien'ship brings us here to-night.
Happy we've been a' thegither,
Happy we've been yin and a',
Time shall find us a' the blither,
When we rise to gang awa'.