The Book of Scottish Song/Phillis the fair

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Phillis the fair.

[Also written by Burns, for Thomson's collection, to the tune of "Robin Adair." The Phillis here celebrated was Miss Phillis Macmurdo, afterwards Mrs Norman Lockhart of Carnwath, who died in 1825.]

While larks with little wing
Fann'd the pure air,
Tasting the breathing spring,
Forth I did fare;
Gay the sun's golden eye,
Peep'd o'er the mountains high;
Such thy morn! did I cry,
Phillis the fair.

In each bird's careless song,
Glad did I share;
While yon wild flowers among,
Chance led me there.
Sweet to the opening day,
Rosebuds bent the dewy spray;
Such thy bloom! did I say,
Phillis the fair.

Down in a shady walk,
Doves cooing were:
I marked the cruel hawk
Caught in a snare.
So kind may fortune be,
Such make his destiny!
He who would injure thee,
Phillis the fair.