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Eddie Schneider Lowers 3 Marks  (1930) 
Eddie August Schneider (1911-1940) in The Burlington Free Press of Burlington, Vermont on 25 August 1930 by the Associated Press.jpg

Eddie Schneider Lowers 3 Marks. Youthful Aviator Beats All Three Record for trans-continental Flight Set by late Frank Goldsborough. Roosevelt Field, New York; August 24, 1930. Eighteen-year-old Eddie Schneider of Jersey City, New Jersey, landed here from Columbus, Ohio, at 3:03 p.m. E.S.T.) today with three junior trans-continental records. Beating the three records set by Frank Goldsborough, who was killed recently in a crash, he chalked up hours and 19 minutes; round trip, 57 hours. The Goldsborough records were: East-West, 34 hours, 3 minutes: West-East, 28 hours, 55 minutes and round trip. 62 hours, 58 minutes. Battling a storm part of the way, the smiling junior river came from Columbus to Roosevelt Field in one hop today, slicing one hour and 36 minutes from Goldsborough's mark for the coast-to-coast crossing. Starting from Los Angeles Thursday, He made three overnight stops, at Albuquerque, Wichita and Columbus. He crossed the continent westward several days ago. Greeted by his father, Emil A. Schneider, and a large crowd of other relatives and friends, he modestly told of his flight. Two "tough spots." he said, were over the Pennsylvania Mountains, when he had to contend with a storm; and a stretch between Albuquerque and Wichita, when all the liquid run out of his compass and he had to fly by dead reckoning. He took his plane. "The Kangaroo," to a hangar and ministered person ally to its wants, announcing that he would fly it to the Chicago air show tomorrow. First however, he must deliver letters from the mayor of Los Angeles to Mayors James J. Walker of New York and Frank Hague of Jersey City. He also carried a letter from the Los Angeles Elks to the Jersey City Elks.

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