The Butcher and the Flock

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Of the bochers and of the whethers

Whanne a lygnage or kynred is indyfferent or indyuysyon / not lyghtly they shalle doo ony thynge to theyr salute / as reherceth to vs this fable / Of a bocher whiche entryd within a stable full of whethers / And after as the whethers sawe hym / none of them sayd one word / And the bocher toke the fyrst that he fonde / Thenne the whethers spake al to gyder and sayd / lete hym doo what he wylle / And thus the bocher tooke hem all one after another sauf one onely / And as he wold haue taken the last / the poure whether sayd to hym / Iustly I am worthy to be take / by cause I haue not holpen my felawes /

For he that wylle not helpe ne comforte other / ought not to demaunde or aske helpe ne comforte / For vertue whiche is vyned is better than vertue separate