The Case is Altered/Act III Scene I

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Enter Angelo, Solus.

My young and simple friend, Paulo Ferneze,

Bound me with mighty solemn conjurations

To be true to him, in his love to Rachel,

And to solicit his remembrance still

In his enforced absence. Much, i' faith!

True to my friend in cases of affection!

In women's cases! what a jest it is?

How silly he is that imagines it!

He is an ass that will keep promise strictly

In any thing that checks his private pleasure,

Chiefly in love. 'Sblood am not I a man?

Have I not eyes that are as free to look,

And blood to be enflam'd as well as his?

And when it is so, shall I not pursue

Mine own love's longings, but prefer my friend's?

I, 'tis a good fool, do so; hang me then.

Because I swore? alas, who does not know

That lover's perjuries are ridiculous?

Have at thee, Rachel; I'll go court her sure,

For now I know her father is abroad.

Enter Jaques.

'Sblood see, he's here. O what damn'd luck

is thus? 'this' per Gifford

This labour's lost, I must by no means see him.

Tau, dery, dery.