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Abraham, Ladislas, ll.d., k.c.s.g., university professor, b. at Sambor, Galicia, Austria, 10 October, 1860. Education: Gymnasium, Sambor; Universities of Cracow and Berlin. Began career in a solicitor's office in Cracow; lecturer in canon law at the University of Cracow 1886; professor of canon law (1888– ), dean of the faculty of law (1895) and Rector (1900), University of Lemberg. Director of Polish Scientific Expedition of the Academy of Cracow at Rome; member of the Academy of Science in Cracow and of other scientific associations in Austria; Austrian Court Councillor; Knight of the Order of the Iron Crown (Austria); Commander of the Papal Order of St. Gregory! Author of numerous treatises and books in Polish on canon law and the ecclesiastical history of Poland and Russia, the most important of which are: "The Organization of the Church in Poland up to the Twelfth Century" (Lemberg, 1893); "The Commencement of the Organization of the Roman Church in Russia" (Lemberg, 1904); and "Forms of Engagement and Marriage in Canon Law".