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Otten, Joseph, b. at Eys-Wittem, Holland, 1852. Education: schools of Eys-Wittem; Royal Conservatory, Liege, Belgium; Aix-la-Chapelle and Berlin (under Becker), Germany. Has filled the posts of organist at Beauport and at the church of St. John the Baptist, Quebec, Canada; conductor (and founder), St. Louis Choral Symphony Society, St. Louis, Missouri, 1885-1900; organist and choirmaster, St. Paul's Cathedral, Pittsburg, 1900-. Promoter of church music reform. Has contributed to the "Catholic Fortnightly Review".

ARTICLES: Adeste Fideles; Ambros, August Wilhelm; Ambrosian Chant; Antiphon; Aurora Lucis Rutilat; Baini, Abbate Giuseppe; Berlioz, Hector; Berno (Abbot of Reichenau); Byrd, William, Canon; Carissimi, Giacomo; Casali, Giovanni Battista; Cassiodorus (Influence of, on Church Music); Charlemagne (and Church Music); Cherubini, Maria Luigi Carlo Zenobio Salvatore; Choron, Alexandre-Etienne; Clemens non Papa (Jacques Clement); Colonna, Giovanni Paolo; Counterpoint; Coussemaker, Charles-Edmond-Henride; Croce, Giovanni; Deprès, Josquin; Gounod, Charles-François; Guido of Arezzo; Haberl, Francis Xavier; Harmony; Haydn, Johann Michael; Hucbald of St.-Amand; Lassus, Orlandus de; Mohr, Joseph; Morales, Christóbal; Mozart, Johann Chrysostomus Wolfgang Amadeus; Musical Instruments in Church Services; Okeghem, Jean d'; Oratorio; Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da; Passion Music; Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista; Petrucci, Ottavio dei; Philips, Peter; Piel, Peter; Rheinberger, Joseph Gabriel; Rueckers, Family of; Sistine Choir; Song, Religious; Tartini, Giuseppe; Van Beethoven, Ludwig; Vogler, George Joseph; Weber, Karl Maria Friedrich Ernst von; Willaert, Adrian; Wingham, Thomas; Witt, Francis Xavier.