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Oussani, Reverend Gabriel, Ph.D., b. at Bagdad, Asiatic Turkey, 1 August, 1875. Education: Patriarchal Seminary, Mossul, Asiatic Turkey; Propaganda, Rome; further studies in Paris; Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, under Dr. Paul Haupt. Ordained priest of the Chaldean Rite and came to New York 1900; Fellow in Semitic Languages, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, 1901-1904; professor of Hebrew, ancient history, and Italian, Cathedral College, New York, and lecturer on Biblical and Oriental history and archseology, St. Joseph's Seminary, Dunwoodie, New York, 1904-1907; professor of early Church history, Old Testament history and patrology, and hbrarian, St. Joseph's Seminary, Dunwoodie, 1907- Has visited the ruins of Assyria and Babylonia and travelled in the Levant for purposes of research. Member of: the New York Oriental Club; American Oriental Society; the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis, Contributor to: "Journal of American Oriental Society"; "Journal of Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis"; "Johns Hopkins University Circulars"; "Open Court" (Chicago); "New York Review".

ARTICLES: Amraphel; Arabia; Asia; Assemani; Assur; Assyria; Bar-kepha, Moses; Biblical Antiquities; Islam; Jubilee, Year of (Hebrew); Jubilees, Book of; Koran; Mecca; Mohammed and Mohammedanism; Moses of Chorene; Persia; Phœnicia; Solomon; Syria.