The Child's Own Music Book/Scotch Lullaby

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For other versions of this work, see Lullaby of an Infant Chief.


\new PianoStaff <<
\new Staff { \time 6/8 \key bes \major \tempo "Andantino" \partial 8 <<
\new Voice = "melody" { \relative f' { \stemUp
  f8^\p | <bes d,>8.^\( <a c,>16 <bes d,>8\) a f f |
  q8.^\( <a c,>16 <bes d,>8\) <c ees,>4 <a ees>8 |
  <bes d,>8.^\( <a c,>16 <bes d,>8\) g16 ees8. c'16( bes) |
  a8.\( g16 a8\) <bes d,>4 bes8 |
  bes8. a16 g8 <a c,>8.^\(^\cresc g16\! <f a,>8\) |
  <g bes,>^\( d <e bes>\) <f a,>4 a16^\( a\) |
  <bes g d>8.\( g16 <c e,>8\) <a f c>\( f <d bes>\)^\dim |
  c16\!^\( <a' c,>8. <g bes>8\) <f a,>4\fermata \times 2/3 { f16 g a } |
  <bes d,>8.^\p^\( <a c,>16 <bes d,>8\) <c ees,>^\( <a ees> <f ees>\) |
  <bes d,>8.^\( <a c,>16 <bes d,>8\) <c ees,>4 <f, ees>8 |
  <bes d,>8. <a c,>16 <bes d,>8 g16\(^\markup { \italic "rit. e dim." } ees8.\) <ees c'>16 bes' |
  a8. g16 a16( c) <bes d,>4 \bar "|." } }
\new Voice = "two" { \relative e' { \stemDown
  s8 | s4. ees | s2. |
  s4. s4 ees8 | ees4. s |
  d s | s s4 c8 |
  s2.*4 | s4. bes4 ees8 | ees4 ees8 } } >> }
\new Lyrics \lyricsto "melody" { \set stanza = #"1. " Oh, hush thee, my ba -- by, thy sire was a knight. Thy moth -- er a la -- dy, both love -- ly and bright; The woods and the glens, from the towers which we see, They _ all are be -- long -- ing, dear ba -- by, to thee. Oh, _ _ hush thee, my ba -- by, Thy sire was a knight, Oh, hush thee, my ba -- by, So __ _ bon -- nie, so __ bright. }
\new Lyrics \lyricsto "melody" { \set stanza = #"2. " Oh, fear not the bu -- gle, tho' loud -- ly it blows, It calls but the warders that guard thy re -- pose; Their bows would be bend -- ed, their blades would be red, Ere the step of a foe -- man draws near to thy bed. }
\new Staff { \clef bass \key bes \major
  r8 | <bes, f>4 r8 <f, f>4 r8 |
  <bes, f>4 r8 <a, f>4 r8 |
  <bes, f>4 r8 e4( c8) |
  f4( f,8) bes,4 r8 |
  g4 bes8 c8.\( e16 f8\) |
  bes,4( c8) f,4 f8 |
  g4 c8 f <f a,> <f bes,> |
  <f c>4 <e c>8 <f f,>4\fermata r8 |
  <bes, f>4 r8 <f a> r q |
  <bes, bes>4 r8 <f a>4 q8 |
  <bes, bes>4 r8 <ees, ees>4 r8 |
  <f, f>4 f,8 bes4 }