The Complete Poems of Richard Barnfield/The Affectionate Shepheard/Sonnet

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Loe here behold these tributarie Teares
Paid to thy faire, but cruell tyrant Eyes;
Loe here the blossome of my youthfull yeares,
Nipt with the fresh of thy Wraths winter, dyes,
Here on Loues Altar I doo offer vp
This burning hart for my Soules sacrifice;
Here I receaue this deadly-poysned cu[p]
Of Circe charm'd; wherein deepe magicke lyes.
Then Teares (if you be happie Teares indeed),
And Hart (if thou be lodged in his brest),
And Cup (if thou canst helpe despaire with speed);
Teares, Hart, and Cup, conjoyne to make me blest:
Teares moue, Hart win, Cup cause, ruth, loue, desire,
In word, in deed, by moane, by zeale, by fire.