The Condor/Volume 1/Number 1/Two Albinos from Los Angeles, Cal.

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Two Albinos from Los Angeles, Cal.

Carpodacus mexicanus frontalis—On Oct. 14, 1898, I secured an albino House Finch from a large flock of the same species. The head, neck and body of this bird are of almost snowy whiteness. On the wings, two primaries, two secondaries and most of the greater and lesser wing coverts are white; the remainder of the wing feathers are normal. The pattern of coloration on the wings is exactly similar. The tail is normal, with the exception of one of the middle feathers, which has a white tip and has a peculiar shriveled appearance. The bill was white, rather bluish toward the tip; the feet, pale flesh color, and the legs a trifle darker; iris, brown. On dissection it proved to be an adult female.

Zonotrichia leucophrys intermedia. On Dec. 18, 1898, Mr. O. W. Howard brought me several birds he had secured the same day, and among them, an albino Intermediate Sparrow. It was an immature bird, but the sex was indistinguishable, the sexual organs being destroyed by the shot. It is of a dull, smoky white all over except on the top of the head, where traces of the brown crown are apparent. Traces of the white tips are visible on the greater wing coverts, which are a trifle darker than the rest of the wing. The iris was brown.H. S. Swarth, Los Angeles, Cal.