The Confirmation Warrant of Phoenix Lodge

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To all and every our Right Worshipful and Loving Brethren, We Prince Augustus Frederick of Brunswick, Duke of Sussex, Earl of Iverness, Baron of Arklow, Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, etc., etc., etc.
GRAND MASTER of the Most Ancient and Honourable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons.

Whereas it appears by the Records of our Grand Lodge that a Warrant bearing date 7th October 1755, was issued under the Seal of Masonry enabling certain Brethren therein named to open and hold a Lodge of Freemasons at Sunderland, it became No.169. By the closing of the List of Lodges in the year 1781 it became No.136, in the year 1792 it became No.121, and which Lodge in consequence of the Union of the two Fraternities of Masons on 27th Day of December, 1813, became and is now registered on the books of the United Grand Lodge No.146, and is held at the Phoenix Hall in Sunderland aforesaid under the title and deonomination of the PHoenix Lodge. And Whereas the Brethren composing the said Lodge have by their memorial dated the 26th day of November 1820, presented to us that their said Wawrrant hath by some accident been lost or destroyed and they have therefore prayed us to grant them a Warrant of Confirmation unto our trusty and well beloved Brethren, Edward Grimes, William Nicholson, William Stevenson, Joseph Gardiner, John Robson, The Rev. Birkett Dawson, B.D., Robert Ward, David Keith, and others composing the said Lodge, authorising and empowering them and their successors to assemble and hold a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, at the Phoenix Hall aforesaid under the title or denomination of the Phoenix Lodge, at such times as to the Brethren may appear necessary and then and there when duly congregated to make, pass and raise Freemasons according to the Ancient Custom of the Craft in all ages and nations throughout throughout the known world. And further at the petition of the said Brethren we do appoint the said Edward Grimes to be the Master, and the said William Stevenson to be the Senior Warden and the said Joseph Gardiner to be the Junior Warden for opening and holding the said Lodge and until such time as another Master shall be regularly elected and installed strictly charging that every Master who be elected to preside over the said Lodge shall be installed in ancient form and according to the Laws of the Grand Lodge, that they may be thereby fully invested with the dignities and powers of his office, the said Lodge to be on the Grand Register of our Grand Lodge No.146. And we do require you the said Edward Grimes and your successors, to especially take care that all and every the said Brethren are or have been regularly made Masons, and that you and they and all other the members of the said lodge do observe, perform and keep the laws, RUles and Orders contained in the Book of Constitutions and all others which may from time to time be made by our Grand Lodge or transmitted by us or our successors, Grand Masters or by our Deputy Grand Master for the time being. And we do enjoin you to make such byelaws for the Government of your Lodge as shall to the majority of the members appear proper and necessary the same not being contrary to and inconsistent with the General Laws and Regulations of the Craft and a copy whereof you are to transmit to us. And we do require you to cause all such Byelaws and Regulations and also an account of the proceedings in your Lodge to be entered in the Book to be kept for that purpose. And you are in no wise to omit to sent to us, or our successors, Grand Masters, or the the Right Hon. Lawrence Lord Dundas our Deputy Grand Master or to the Deputy Grand Master for the time being at least once in every a List of the members of your Lodge and the names and descriptions of all Masons initiated therein and Brethren who shall have joined the same with the fees and monies payable thereon, it being our will and intention that this our Warrant of Confirmation shall be in force so long as you shall conform to the Laws and REgulations of our said Grand Lodge. And you the said Edward GRimes are further required as soon as conveniently may be sent to us an account in writing of what may be done by virtue of these presents.

Given under our hand and the Seal of the Grand Lodge at London this 29th day of September A.L. 5821, A.D. 1821

By command of the M.W. Grand Master
William H. White, Edw. Harper, G.S.