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Literature and National Policy.



New York :




Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1864, by
In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York.

50 Greene street, New York.

Ænone; a Tale of Slave Life in Rome, 287, 385, 500, 619
American Finances and Resources. By Hon. Robert J. Walker, 40, 249, 324, 489
An Army: Its Organization and Movements. By Lieut.-Col. C. W. Tolles, A. Q. M.,707
An Hour in the Gallery of the National Academy of Design—Thirty-ninth Annual Exhibition,684
An Indian Love-Song. By Edwin R. Johnson, 361
Aphorisms. By Rev. Asa Colton, 413, 450, 482, 595, 689, 706
A Pair of Stockings. From the Army, 597
Aspiro—A Fable, 158
A Summer's Night. From the Polish of Count S. Krasinski, translated by Prof. Podbielski, 543
A Tragedy of Error, 204
A Universal Language. By S. P. Andrews, 595
A Vigil with St. Louie. By E. Fonton, 70
Benedict of Nursia, and the Order of the Benedictines. By Rev. Ph. Schaff, 451
Buckle, Draper, and a Science of History. By Edward B. Freeland, 161
Carl Friedrich Neumann, the German Historian of our Country. By Professor Andrew Ten Brook, 295
Clouds. By Mrs. Martha Walker Cook, 265
Diary of Frances Krasinska; or, Life in Poland during the 18th Century, 27, 180
Dr. Fox's Prescription. By E. R. Johnson, 717
Editor's Table, 118, 245, 364, 487, 605, 721
English and American Taxation. By Egbert Hurd, 405
Ernest Renan's Theory. By Hugh Miller Thompson, 609
'Feed My Lambs,' 663
Glorious! By L. G. W., 459
Hannah Thurston, 456
Hints to the American Farmer, 584
Jefferson Davis and Repudiation of Arkansas Bonds. By Hon. Robert J. Walker, 478
Language a Type of the Universe. By Stephen Pearl Andrews, 691
Lies, and How to Kill Them. By Hugh Miller Thompson, 437
Literary Notices, 116, 243, 362, 483, 601, 719
Madagascar. By W. H. Whitmore, 65
Music a Science. By Lucia D. Pychowska, 575
National Friendships, 239
North and South. By Charles Wm. Butler, 241
'Nos Amis les Cosaques.' By M. Heilprin, 216
'Our Article,' 20
Our Domestic Relations; or, How to Treat the Rebel States. By Charles Russell, 511
Our Government and the Blacks. By William H. Kimball, 431
Out of Prison. By Kate Putnam, 436
Palmer, the American Sculptor. By L. J. Bigelow, 258
Petroleum. By Rev. S. M. Eaton, 187
Reason, Rhyme, and Rhythm. Compiled and written by Mrs. Martha Walker Cook, 14
Retrospective. By Rev. Dr. Henry, 1
Sir Charles Lyell on the Antiquity of Man. By a Presbyterian Clergyman, 369
Sketches of American Life and Scenery. By Lucia D. Pychowska, 9, 270, 425
Sleeping. By Hugh Miller Thompson, 716
Temptation. From the Polish of Count Sigismund Krasinski, 53
The Andes. By William G. Dix, 229
The Angels of War, 203
The Conscription Act of March 3d, 1864. By L. M. Haverstik, 110
The Decline of England. By S. J. Bayard, 48
The Development of American Architecture. By A. W. Colgate, 466
The Dove. By Mrs. Martha Walker Cook, 625
The English Press. By Nicholas Rowe, London, 100, 139, 564
The Great American Crisis. By Stephen P. Andrews, 87, 300
The Great Lakes to St. Paul. By Robert Dodge, 397
The Great Struggle, 34
The House in the Lane. By Miss Virginia Townsend, 573
The Isle of Springs. By Rev. C. C. Starback, 461
The Issues of the War. By John Stahl Patterson, Quarter-master Sergeant, 20th Ohio Battery, 287
The Lessons of the Wood. By George W. Bungay, 26
The Love Lucifer. By S. Leavitt, 319, 414
The March of Life. By Clarence Frederick Bonier, 649
The Mechanical Tendency in Modern Society. By John A. French, 351
The Mississippi River and its Peculiarities. By De B. R. Keim, 629
The Mound Builder. By January Scarle. 517
The Red Man's Plea, 160
The Treasury Report and Mr. Sec'y Chase. By Hon. Frederick P. Stanton, 151
The Unkind Word, 600
The War a Contest for Ideas. By Henry Everett Russell, 578
The Wild Azalea. By E. W. C., 596
The Young Author's Dream. By Edwin R. Johnson, 395
Thistle-Down. By Frances Lamartine, 318]
Thomas De Quincey and His Writings. By L. W. Spring, 650
Thomas Jefferson, as Seen in the Light of 1863. By J. Sheldon, 129
Thought. By Virginia Vaughan, 577
Union Not to be Maintained by Force. By Hon. Frederick P. Stanton, 73
Was He Successful? By Richard B. Kimball, 80, 221, 341, 445