The Convent School/Chapter 5

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Chapter V.

The Last Scene and Denouement


They kept me in the same chamber, where I had been so outraged, the two nuns nursing,—bathing my bruises, and using soothing injections to allay the inflammations of my privates, till, on the third day, they said I was so far recovered that my Confessors might finish the prescribed penance, adding, with a malicious smile, "we saw everything last time, and so we shall now, through our peepholes; how delicious the sight was last time, and we had such frigging and dildoe fucks after it was all over."

Having said this, they speedily disappeared and I was left to await my fate in trembling anxiety; I was hot and cold by turns, as the recollection of all the humiliating and painful incidents of the other day came back so vividly to my mind, and in imagination I seemed to suffer all my tortures over again.

This did not last long, although you may be sure it seemed long enough to me in my state of apprehension. A key was turned in the lock, and the door creaked on its hinges; my persecuting confessors again stood before me in reality, with quite a sardonic expression of anticipated pleasure on their faces; no trace of pity could I find on either visage, nothing but floating sensuality seemed to animate the ardent looks with which they regarded me for some moments.

The hateful Francisco was the first to address me, a smile of terrible meaning playing round his mouth, showing his pearly white teeth to such perfection that I was again strongly reminded of my husband.

"Lady Ellington, I hope, has had good time for reflection upon the heinousness of her sins, particularly those in contravention of her marriage vows; wantonness is as nothing compared to that. What has the penitent Lucille to say? Has her chastisement made her feel the pangs of real remorse?" he said, whisking a scourge before my face.

I was too frightened to speak; face, neck and bosom, I could feel, were in a burning heat, whilst my eyes could not meet his, for something more than shame instinctively told me what I might have to suffer at his hands,

"No sign of repentance here, Father Anthony; she must be stripped naked at once. Do you hear, Lucille? Strip—strip—strip at once, or it will be much the worse for you!" he said with rough ferocity.

Both priests helped me to undress, and in their impetuous haste almost tore the clothes off my back, at the same time taking all sorts of disgusting liberties, and keeping me in a continued state of confusion, at last when nothing was left but my chemise to remove, they suddenly tied the rope round my left ancle, and in an instant I found myself suspended head downwards, with the right leg kicking in the air, and screaming piteously for mercy.

"Secure her wrists to the rings in the floor," said Francisco, "and then help me to whip the seat of lust till she is a little more repentant."

The elder priest speedily effected this, and then both of them with scourges commenced to whip me most mercilessly, aiming their relentless cuts between my legs so as to cut the lips of my cunt and round my bottom-hole at every blow; now and then the cruel thongs would wind round the upper part of my thighs, or on to my mount; my cries were heartrending, as each blow seemed to re-open all my old cuts and bruises. Ah! Ah—r—r— re! Oh! Oh!! will you never have pity, and believe me sorry for my faults?" I screamed or moaned, and gasped out the words in intense agony.

"So you begin to repent a little under the lash, do you, Lucille, are you really sorry for having wronged Lord Ellington, is it your mind or your cunt that is most filled with remorse? How you seem to writhe, and how prettily we are making it look for you, the trickling blood is delightful to see as it flows in drops and rills over your back and belly!" His questions were spoken slowly as he seemed to enjoy the pleasure of my intense suffering, and two or three of his cuts were over the tender surface of my belly or right across the navel.

"Scream away, you sensual woman, why don't you implore the Holy Virgin to have pity and forgive you, we are only carrying out her commands, are we not Father Francisco?" hissed out old Anthony, as he continued to scourge my back and sides, and every now and then aimed a fearful blow right down my lacerated cunny. Again they would stop for a little, and ask me jeeringly, "about my feeling of remorse, would I indulge in such obscenity with my husband again, or keep from adultery in future?"

I was almost too far gone to do more than moan, and Father Anthony suggested that I ought to be well lashed over my neck, shoulders, and bosom, to make me speak out, but the other seeing how exhausted I really was, restrained his mad fury, and then after waiting a little one of them would give me a terrible cut, and ask the other to see the beautiful effects of it as I swayed about in agony; this was done again and again, till after a time the scourges were thrown aside, and the rope being lowered I was allowed to lay on the floor for a little while, and some cordial was again administered to refresh me, my tormentors sitting down and frigging themselves openly before my face, till in the act of spending they would stand over me so that I might be thoroughly humiliated by having all their spendings drop on my face, neck, or head, as I was still secured to the floor by my wrists.

Presently, at a sign from Francisco, his companion hoisted me up by the ankle again, and did it so tightly that I was frightfully stretched by my arms and leg; which were drawn as painfully tight as he could make it, the fastenings cutting into the flesh so that I bear the marks to this very day, I could see that Francisco was again preparing his godemiche with oil, but he did not put any upon my person.

Horrified at the sight, I begged and implored them in the most piteous manner not to degrade me again with that disgusting instrument, promising to pay the Church any amount for absolution rather than endure it again.

"Too late, too late, your repentance is not sincere, besides, the other day we saw with our eyes how your lascivious nature responded to the thrusts of this thing in your cunt, now I am going to degrade your bottom-hole by inserting it there, however painful the operation may prove," saying which he seized, and held my left leg under his arm, and standing close to my body at once proceeded to carry out his infernal idea of ravishing my anus. Lacerated, bleeding, and sore as my bottom was at the least touch, and regardless of my piercing shrieks, he forced the oily head of the india rubber thing quite into my tightly contracted bum-hole, the pain was intense, as it seemed to rend the lining tissue of the anal canal in its passage, and the bristles round its root added, if possible, still more to the intensity of my suffering.

I believe, that giving one long shriek of agony, I lost consciousness for a time, but only to awake and find them them laughing and jeering at my sufferings, as the one worked his dildoe in my bottom, whilst the other had thrust two or three fingers up my blood-stained and wounded cunt. It is quite indescribable What I felt at this outrage, the accumulation of shame, agony and horror so overpowered my exhausted nature, that I went off again into such a death-like swoon, that they really feared I was dead, and made haste to let me down as well as apply strong restoratives.

My hands were still retained in the rings on the floor, and the godemiche was left sticking in my bottom, the spasmodic contractions of the sphincter muscle holding it as in a vice, whilst the pulsations of the violated passage behind were still fully aw painful. All this was apparent to me as I slowly came to myself once more, and could see the excited looks of my cruel Confessors, who proceeded to sprinkle me with cold-water, and use a large sponge for the purpose of both refreshing me and allowing them to gloat over the extent of my hurts.

This lasted a little while, then I was made to get up on my hands and knees, facing Francisco, who then opened his frock, so as to show me the excited state of his prick, at the same time, with a malicious look of fiendish joy, he asked me, "If I should not like to suck such a delightful sweetmeat?" Then seeing my look of intense disgust, he burst into a rage, saying, "Oh! So you mean to insult me as you did the Lady Superior of the Ursulines, do you, Lucille? You may think I am disgusting and nasty, or I smell strong as she did, and I may tell you, to make you relish it still more, that scarcely an hour ago it was up the strong smelling cunt of that very same lady, and I was careful not to wash, so that you might have the full benefit of the delicious aroma of her spendings."

Speechless with disgust, and helpless in every way, it was useless for me to appeal for mercy or consideration from two such heartless beings; the only thing I could do was to close my eyes to the awful sight.

But only for a moment, a tremendous whack from Father Anthony, who had taken up the scourge, made me shriek out again, "Ah! Ah! Oh! Will you never finish me off, and kill me in mercy?" The only answer I had was a quick repetition of the blow, whilst the repulsive Francisco's right hand, clutching my hair, pulled my head up, and drew it back so painfully, that I gasped for breath. This was exactly what he wanted, and, in a moment, his prick was forced into my mouth. The sensation was so repulsive, horrible, and choking all at once, that I had not the presence of mind to bite, or he would have repented the act ever after. Old Anthony was cutting my back, bottom, thighs, and loins, even the calves of my legs not escaping his frenzied scourging. Blood was streaming over my flesh, and dripping to the floor in little pools, and I felt I was really dying at last, Just then the excited Francisco shot a deluge of hot sperm into my mouth and throat; I was choked, and remember no more, except, that on recovering consciousness, the supposed Confessor, Francisco, was dressed as a gentleman, and I immediately recognised him as my husband, as, at the same instant, he exclaimed, "Woman, my revenge is complete. You won't deceive me again. How I have revelled in degrading, humiliating, and torturing my adulterous wife, you'll never see me more. This has been my way of divorcing myself from a faithless bitch."

He was gone before I could find words to reply, but my sense of pain was instantly drowned in a deep desire for vengeance for this outrage, and its impulse so strengthened me, that I was soon well enough to travel.

My lover, Lord Dunwich, received me with open arms, and declared he would shoot or be shot by the Earl ere forty-eight hours had elapsed; at once despatching a friend with his cartel to arrange a meeting for the next morning in Hyde Park at the dawn of day.

We spent the night together at his hotel, although scarcely fourteen days since I was so fearfully outraged, how we fucked all night, and swam in sensual pleasures for hours, I would deny him nothing, was he not my champion, who was going to risk his life in the morning to avenge my fearful wrongs, and to make him still more earnest in his desire for vengeance, I stripped naked, let him examine every part, where the marks of the bruises and lacerations were still visible; my cunt he sucked, kissed and fucked till I was beside myself with excitement, and he was also ready for anything, then my poor bum-hole attracted his attention, he kissed and put his tongue into it, till I was eager to have him there, and begged he would put his prick in gently at first for fear of hurting me too much; this was a heavenly finish to our night of love; we swam in delight, never before or since have I tasted voluptuous joy to equal that enculade.

Next morning dressed as a young gentleman with a false moustache, I went as one of his seconds to the fatal place of meeting, and had the satisfaction of seeing my wrongs avenged by a ball through the heart of my hated husband. We then went abroad for a while, but my dear lover lost his life by drowning in the Rhine, since which I have consoled myself as you know by all sorts of erotic fancies, especially flagellation, and now dear Rosa at the early age of twenty-five I find myself fast fading away.