The Czechoslovak Review/Volume 2/Miscellaneous (5)

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We have at last reached a situation where one of the two dominant races, the Germans of Austria, finding that the machine of state has broken down, and that the only alternatives to the present situation are federalism or disruption, is coming to the conclusion that even from its own selfish point of view the latter is preferable, since it would unite them to the German Emipre and rescue them from the position of a minority in a mainly Slav State. The same calculation will weigh with the Magyars who, rather than submit to a definite collapse of the German hegemony in Austria, would, as no less eminent a statesman than Count Andrassy has publicly hinted, within the last few months, prefer complete severance between Austria and Hungary, in the calculation that in an independent Hungary the Magyars could still hold their own by means of a close alliance with the German Empire.
R. W . SETON WATSON, in Contemporary Review

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