The Czechoslovak Review/Volume 2/Slovak League Congress

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Two weeks after the Chicago Convention some ninety representative Slovaks met at the Bohemian National Hall in New York as a Congress of the Slovak League of America. In one way the Slovak meeting was more significant than the Czech convention. For whereas Bohemian immigrants in America constitute considerably less than ten per cent of their race, one-fourth of the whole Slovak people live in America. The Bohemian National Alliance does not and cannot speak for the Czech Nation, for the Czechs have in the old country their own accredited and regularly elected deputies. But the Slovaks of Hungary have no elected representatives, and those who emigrated to America must speak for the entire race.

The principal business before the Slovak Congress, outside of a number of organization matters, was the ratification of the Chicago resolution for the creation of a branch of the Czechoslovak National Council. It was approved unanimously and the following gentlemen were elected for the Slovak representatives: Albert Mamatey, President of the League; John Janček, an editor from Russia and newly elected secretary of the League; G. H. Mika of the Slav Press Bureau; Rev. J . Kubášek, Rev. Joseph Murgas, Andrew Shustek, John Pankuch and Milan Getting.