The Day of Uniting

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The Day of Uniting  (1921) 
by Edgar Wallace
Extracted from Popular Magazine, v61 1921 July 10, pp. 1–61.

After what the great scientific Maggerson started in the life of the highly unscientific Jimmy Blake—to say nothing of what he did to the British government, it is hard to think of mathematics as necessarily dry.

Cover page of the Popular Magazine issue

The Day of Uniting

By Edgar Wallace
Author of “Number Six and the Borgia,” “The Daffodil Enigma,” Etc.

What was the dread news which the great mathematician, Maggerson, so terrifiedly brought to the British prime minister at Downing Street, that day? Subsequent acts of the government leaders were certainly inexplicable enough—even to the point of tragedy. No one can keep you guessing about such a mystery longer than Mr. Wallace, and nobody knows better how to season suspense with such amusement as Mr. Ferdie Ponter supplied to a worried world as naturally as breathing. When you finish this tale, you will agree that you have had all that any one story can hold.

(A Complete Novel)

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