The Deerslayer

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The Deerslayer  (1841)  by James Fenimore Cooper
or The First Warpath

First published in 1841, The Deerslayer was the last of the Leatherstocking tales to be written. However, since the story took place between 1740 and 1745, it is the first of the series as determined by story line. It takes place on Otsego Lake in central New York State, the same location as The Pioneers, which took place in 1793, about 50 years later, but was the first of the Leatherstocking tales to be published (1823). Although this is the start of the Leatherstocking saga, many readers agree that it is better to read the the series in the order in which it was written, starting with The Pioneers. The Deerslayer might be considered as a prequel to the rest of the Leatherstocking tales. — (Transcriber's note)

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