The Dial/Volume 15/Number 170/Topics in Leading Periodicals

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Topics in Leading Periodicals.
July, 1893 (Second List).

Anti-Trust Campaign. A. W. Tourge'e. North American.
Australian Women. Julia F. Nicholson. North American.
Chinese Exclusion. R. G. Ingersoll, T. J. Geary. N. American.
Church History Re-edited. A. H. Noll. Dial (July 16).
Columbus, Family of. Duke of Veragua. North American.
Columbus Portraits and Statues at the Fair. Inland Printer.
Country Newspapers. R. C. Penfield. Inland Printer.
Distrust and Trade. Edward Atkinson. North American.
Divorce Made Easy. S. J. Brun. North American.
Edison, Thomas A. Illus. C. D. Lanier. Review of Reviews.
Electricity at the Fair. Illus. J. R. Cravath. Rev. of Reviews.
Fair, Impressions of the. Dlus. F. H. Stead. Rev. of Reviews.
Fastest Train in the World. H. G. Prout. North American.
Foreground and Vista at the Fair. Illus. W.H.Gibson. Scrib.
Forest Reservations, Our New. Review of Reviews.
French Girlhood. Marquise de San Carlos. North American.
German Kantian Bibliography. Philosophical Review.
Gettysburg Recollections. A. H. Nickerson. Scribner.
Hiss, Natural History of the. Louis Robinson. No. Am.
International Speech and Song. J.M.Baldwin. Phil. Review.
Ireland at the Fair. Countess of Aberdeen. No. American.
Jackson and Taylor, Generals. H. W. Thurston. Dial' (July 16).
Kelmscott Press, The. W. Irving Way. Inland Printer.
Leisure. Agnes Repplier. Scribner.
Literature Congresses, The Dial (July 16).
Merchant Sailor, The. Illus. W. Clark Russell. Scribner.
Musical Societies at the Fair. Illus. G. P. Upton. Scribner.
Nature in the West Indies. Illus. W. K. Brooks. Scribner.
Norway's Political Crisis. H. H. Boyesen. No. American.
Pauper Prevention. Oscar Craig. Scribner.
Poetry, Recent Books of. W. M. Payne. Dial (July 16).
Presbyterianism, Future of. C. A. Briggs. No. American.
Printing and Kindred Industries at the Fair. Inland Printer.
Silver Legislation. E. 0. Leech. No. American.
Sumner's Public Career. W. H. Smith. Dial (July 16).
Thomson, Sir William. Illus. J. Munro. Rev. of Reviews.
Trout-fishing in the Traun. Illus. H. Van Dyke. Scribner.
Truth and Error. D. S. Miller. Philosophical Review.
Yachting in 1893. G. A. Stewart. North American.