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Allport, Morton, F.L.S., son of Joseph Allport, was born in England on Dec. 4th, 1830. The family emigrated to Tasmania when Mr. Allport was an infant. He was educated in the colony, and chose his father's profession, being admitted a solicitor of the Supreme Court in 1852. Mr. Allport was an ardent and accomplished naturalist, and by his original work added largely to the knowledge of the zoology and botany of Tasmania. To the study of the fishes of the colony he gave special attention. He introduced the perch and tench into Tasmanian waters, and was a zealous promoter of the acclimatisation of salmon and trout, an experiment which he lived to see a splendid success. He also introduced the English water-lily into the colony. Mr. Allport was a Fellow of the Linnæan Society of London and of the Zoological Society, corresponding member of the Anthropological Institute, life member of the Entomological and Malacological Societies, and foreign member of several Continental scientific societies. He was a Vice-President of the Royal Society of Tasmania, to the Proceedings of which last-named Society he contributed a number of valuable papers on the subjects of his favourite studies. He was a member of the Council of Education for many years. He died at Hobart on Sept. 10th, 1878.