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Bagot, John Tuthill, second son of Charles Bagot, of Kilcoursie House, King's County, by Anna, eldest daughter of John Tuthill, of Kingsland, co. Limerick, was born in 1819, and admitted to the Irish bar. He married in 1848 Eliza, daughter of John Meyler. He emigrated to South Australia, and was elected to the semi-elective Legislative Council of 1855-6, for the district of Light. From 1857 to 1864 he represented that district in the Legislative Assembly. On Sept. 26th, 1866, Mr. Bagot was elected to the new Legislative Council, and continued to hold the seat until June 16th, 1870, when he resigned. Mr. Bagot was Solicitor-General in Mr. Baker's Ministry from August 21st to Sept. 1st, 1857; Commissioner of Crown Lands and Immigration in Mr. Reynolds' Ministry from May 9th, 1860, to May 20th, 1861; Attorney-General in Mr. Hart's Ministry from Sept. 24th to Oct. 13th, 1868; and Chief Secretary in Mr. Strangways' Government from Nov. 3rd, 1868, to May 12th, 1870. Mr. Bagot died on August 13th, 1870.