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Cape, William Timothy, was the eldest son of William Cape, of Ireby, in Cumberland, and was born at Walworth, in Surrey, on Oct. 25th, 1806. He was educated at Merchant Taylors' School, and proceeded to Sydney with his father in 1821. Here he assisted the latter in opening the Sydney Academy. The elder Mr. Cape was afterwards appointed by the Government master of the Sydney Public School in Castlereagh Street, and here Mr. W. T. Cape acted as an assistant master, becoming head-master on the resignation of his father. In this position he remained until July 1829, and in 1830 opened a private school in King Street, Sydney. About this time the idea of establishing Sydney College was mooted; and in 1835, as the result of overtures from the committee of this college, Mr. Cape transferred his private pupils to that institution and was appointed head-master. In 1842 he resigned this post, and again opened a private school, on the Glemore Road, Paddington. In 1856 he finally retired from scholastic work, having during his long career conducted the education of some of the leading publicists of Sydney. In 1859 he was elected to the Legislative Assembly for Wollombi, and did good service in the cause of education. He was also one of the Commissioners of National Education, a Magistrate, and a Fellow of St. Paul's College within the University of Sydney. He died in London on June 14th, 1863, of small-pox.