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Donaldson, Sir Stuart Alexander, was the son of Stuart Donaldson, and was born in London on Dec. 26th, 1815. He emigrated to Sydney in 1840, and became a clerk in the firm of Dawes & Co., of which he was afterwards the head. In Sept. 1851 he fought a duel with Sir Thomas Mitchell, Surveyor-General of New South Wales (q.v.). He was elected to the Assembly for Cumberland in 1856, and formed the first Constitutional Ministry in New South Wales in June 1856, but resigned his position as Premier and Chief Secretary in August in consequence of a vote of want of confidence. He accepted office again as Colonial Treasurer under Mr. (afterwards Sir Henry Watson) Parker in Oct. 1856, but on seeking re-election he was defeated for Sydney Hamlets. However, the member for South Cumberland retired to make way for him, and he was elected on Nov. 4th, but retired with his colleagues in Sept. 1857, after their defeat on the Electoral Bill. In 1860 he was knighted, and left the colony, which he twice revisited. Sir Stuart married in Feb. 1854, Amelia, seventh daughter of Frederick Cowper, of Carlton Hall and Unthank, Cumberland (who survived him), and died at Carlton Hall on Jan. 11th, 1867.