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Emberson, Hon. Horace G. C., Receiver-General and Agent-General of Immigration, Fiji, is an Associate of Arts of Oxford University, and a notary public. He was appointed a stipendiary magistrate in Fiji in Oct. 1874, a member of the Lands Commission in Oct. 1875, Registrar-General, Chief Police Magistrate, and Commissioner of the Supreme Court in 1876, Registrar of Titles in 1877, Acting Commissioner of Crown Lands and Acting Member of the Executive Council in 1880, Acting M.L.C. in June 1881 Acting Receiver-General and Comptroller of Stamps, and a Member of the Executive Council in 1877, and, along with other duties, Acting Agent-General of Immigration in 1888. To the latter post he was permanently appointed in 1889, and holds it in conjunction with that of Receiver-General and Commissioner of Stamps. He is also a member of the Legislative Council.