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Hartley, John Anderson, B.A., B.Sc., Inspector-General of Schools, South Australia, son of the Rev. John Hartley, Governor of the Wesleyan College, Handsworth, Birmingham, was educated at Woodhouse Grove School, near Leeds, and University College, London. He graduated as B.A. of London 1868, B.Sc. 1870, and in 1871 was appointed Head Master of Prince Alfred College, Adelaide. While holding this position he became a member of the Central Board of Education, and was for a time its chairman. On the passing of the Education Act in 1875, he was offered the position of President of the Council of Education, and his time was then devoted entirely to the Government business. On the dissolution of the Council at the end of 1878, he was appointed Inspector-General of Schools, and in this capacity he has effected many reforms in the local system of public education. He is the author of a number of textbooks specially prepared for the schools under his management, and edits the Education Gazette for the colony and a juvenile paper, The Children's Hour. Mr. Hartley has been a member of the Council of the University of Adelaide since its establishment in 1874.