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Krichauff, Hon. Friedrich Edouard Heinrich Wulf, M.L.C., J.P., son of Carl Krichauff and Julie von Bertouch his wife, a judge of the Supreme Court of the Duchy of Schleswig, was born at Schleswig on Dec. 15th, 1824. Having passed through the State colleges of Schleswig and Husum, he served three years as an apprentice at the botanic gardens in connection with the University of Kiel In 1846 he matriculated at the Berlin University, and passed first class at examinations in Kiel. As a result he was allowed a stipend by the Danish Government to travel as gardener and botanist; but the war of 1848 prevented him from enjoying this privilege. Mr. Krichauff went to South Australia in Dec. 1848, and settled at Bugle Ranges in the south. For many years he was the chairman of the Macclesfield District Council, as well of the Strathalbyn District Council. He was elected M.P. for Mount Barker on March 9th, 1857, but resigned on March 12th, 1858, and remained out of the Assembly till April 5th, 1870, when he was returned for Onkaparinga, for which he sat uninterruptedly till May 22nd, 1882, when he resigned his seat to travel in Europe and America. After his return he was elected to the Assembly for the district of Victoria (April 8th, 1884), and continued to represent the constituency till the general election in 1890, when he did not again offer himself. Mr. Krichauff had a brief taste of the sweets of ministerial office in May 1870, when he was Commissioner of Public Works for twenty days in Mr. Strangways' reconstructed Cabinet. He was returned to the Legislative Council in June 1890 for the Southern Province. Mr. Krichauff, who is the permanent chairman of the Agricultural Bureau of South Australia, was married at Bugle Ranges on May 10th, 1853, to Miss Dora Fischer.