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Lipson, Captain Thomas, R.N., was born in England in 1783, and entered the navy in 1793 as a first-class volunteer. After seeing considerable active service and being present at the battle of the Nile, he was appointed acting lieutenant of the Sabrina, Jan. 1808; and in the following year senior lieutenant of a corvette on the South American station, where he greatly distinguished himself, and was awarded a medal and two clasps. In 1836 he went to South Australia, with the appointment of Naval Officer of the colony. He subsequently became Collector of Customs for South Australia, and Harbour Master at Port Adelaide, but resigned the former post in 1840, retaining his other appointments till 1855, when he retired on a pension. Captain Lipson made several surveys of the South Australian coast for the Home Government, and upon his retirement from the navy, in 1856, was given rank as Post-Captain. He died on Oct. 25th, 1863.