The Elizabethan People

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668613The Elizabethan People1910Henry Thew Stephenson

The Elizabethan People


Henry Thew Stephenson

Associate Professor of English
Indiana University



Archery Match.

Copyright, 1910,



Published February, 1910


Archery Match Frontispiece
Philip Howard, Earl of Arundel. Edmund Spenser. Illustrative of Elizabethan ruffs 34
The Quadrangle, Leicester's Hospital, Warwick, illustrating timber and plaster framework; also court with galleries 36
The Gateway, Leicester's Hospital, Warwick, illustrating ornamental woodwork and plaster construction 44
The Great Hall, Warwick Castle 48
The Stratford Portrait of Shakespeare, illustrating the soft band 53
The Droeshout "Original" Portrait of Shakespeare, illustratinq the starched band 60
The Chandos Portrait of Shakespeare, illustrating the soft band 64
Marquis of Hamilton. Sir Philip Sidney. Illustrative of falling bands 76
Richard Burbage. John Lowin. Illustrative of falling bands 84
George Clifford, Earl of Cumberland. Henry Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel. Illustrative of Elizabethan hats 100
Hawking 116
Trained Bears 124
Trained Animals 133
Trick Horses 140
The Quintain 156
The Quintain 180
The Water Quintain 192
Playing Cards 204
Frost Fair on the Thames 220
Tilting 228
Tilting at the Ring 236
Tilting at the Quintain 236
A Court Dinner in the Time of King James 246
An Old House in Grub Street, London, illustrating timber construction 252
Carved Exterior of Sir Paul Pindar's House, London, illustrating ornamental exterior woodwork 260
Anne Hathaway's Cottage 268
Longleat. Illustrative of straight lines as an element of design 276
The Duke's House, Bradford on Avon, Illustrating the irregularity of exterior construction 280
The Great Hall, Charlecote 284
The Gallery at Haddon Hall 288
The Library, Charlecote 292
A Ceiling in Sir Paul Pindar's House, London 296
A Ceiling in Oldbourne Hall, London 300
Ornamental Ceiling in Crosby Hall, London 304
Painted Ceiling in Crosby Hall, London 308
Ornamental Ceiling in the Nunnery of St. Helen's, London 312
Room in Sir Paul Pindar's House, London 316
Interior of a House in Crutched Friars, London 320
Grotesque Carving of a House in Crutched Friars, London 324
Fireplace in Oldbourne Hall, London 328
Moll Frith, "The Roaring Girl" 332
Robe of Civic Dignitary 336
Two portraits of Queen Elizabeth, illustrating wide buff and elaborate headdress 340
Thomas Sackville, Earl of Dorset. Edward Clinton, Earl of Lincoln. Illustrative of Elizabethan hats 344
Elizabethan Ruffs 348
Portrait of Sir Philip Sidney, illustrating the ruff worn with armour 352
The Droeshout engraving of Shakespeare prefixed to the first folio, illustrating starched band and embroidered doublet 356
John Fletcher. Henry, Prince of Wales. Illustrative of falling bands 360
Queen Elizabeth. Illustrative of the large farthingale 364
Farthingale and Hose 358
Francis de Valois. Illustrative of short hose and cape 372
Sir Walter Raleigh. Illustrative of garters and roses 376
An Elizabethan Bed 380
Oak Chest supported on frame 384
An Elizabethan Chest 338
An Elizabethan Oak Chest 392
An Elizabethan Olive Wood Chest 396

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