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KODAMA, kō'dạ-mạ, Gentaro, Viscount, Japanese general: b. Tokuyama, 5 Feb. 1852; d. Tokio, 23 July 1906. He was early drawn into the conspiracy that destroyed the shogunate. He fought to restore the power of the Mikado in the north island, and took part in the suppression of the insurrection in Saga (1874), also in an expedition to the Riukiu Islands (1876). In 1891 he undertook a journey to study European conditions and was appointed, on his return, Assistant Minister of War (1892). He was chief of staff at Hiroshimo headquarters during the Chino-Japanese War (1894-95). In 1897 he was made a noble and appointed governor of Formosa, and entered Prince Ito's cabinet (1900) as Minister of War. Under his direction the masterly Japanese victory over the Russians (1904-05) was carried out by the generals Kuroki, Oku, Nodzu and Nogi, with Okuma, as chief, following his plam. He was created viscount, and shortly before his death he was made chief of the general staff.