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KODIAK, kōd-yạk', a large Alaskan island lying to the south of Cook Inlet. It is comparatively sparsely populated, its largest town, Karluk, having only about 500 inhabitants. The population of the island is principally engaged in fishing, Kodiak being the greatest home of the salmon in Alaska. The fur industry is also carried on to some extent and the Kodiak great bear is valued for its hide. Cattle-raising and agriculture are growing industries, thanks to the constant efforts of the United States Department of Agriculture to make these a prominent part of the activities of the islanders, who have also been provided with an efficient system of public education. Owing to its comparatively mild and equable climate the future of Kodiak seems assured in the field of agriculture which is favored by an average annual rainfall of over 60 inches. Churches are found all over the island which has an area of 36,000 square miles. See Katmai.