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For works with similar titles, see Münch-Bellinghausen, Eligius Franz Joseph .

Münch-Bellinghausen, münH' bĕl'ĭng-how-zĕn, Eligius Franz Joseph, Baron von, better known as Friedrich Halm, Austrian dramatist: b. Cracow 2 April 1806; d. Vienna 22 May 1871. He studied law, and held various official positions at Vienna. In his lifetime his popularity as a dramatist was very great, and several of his plays were translated into English. 'The Gladiator from Ravenna' (1854, 5th ed. 1893) is considered his masterpiece. Among other of his plays are: 'Griseldis' (1834, 10th ed. 1893), which had great success; 'The Adept' (1836); 'Camoens' (1837); 'Imelda Lambertazzi' (1838); 'The Son of the Wilderness' (9th ed. 1894), famous in England and America under the title 'Ingomar'; 'Wild Fire' (6th ed. 1894), a romantic comedy.