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Mundt, moont, Klara Müller ("Mühlbach, Luise"), German novelist: b. Neubrandenburg 2 Jan. 1814; d. Berlin 26 Sept. 1873. She was married to Theodor Mundt (q.v.) in 1839. She was an extremely prolific writer of popular historical novels, which though quite without merit in point of style are by no means wanting in descriptive excellence. They were all published under the pen name of "Luise Mühlbach" and have had as many eager readers in this country and England as in the writer's own land. Among them are: 'Queen Hortense' (5th ed. 1861); 'Emperor Joseph II. and his Court' (9th ed. 1866); 'Marie Antoinette and her Son' (1867); 'Emperor Alexander and his Court' (1868); 'Mohammed Ali and his House' (1871); 'Frederick the Great and his Court' (8th ed. 1882).