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ADAMS, Maud Kiskadden, American actress: b. Salt Lake City, 11 Nov. 1872. She is the daughter of an actress, who, under the stage name of Adams, was leading woman of a stock company in that city. Her first appearance was made while a child on a stage in the West; she then continued to take children's parts till she reached the age of 16 when she left Daniel Frohman's company to take an important role in Hoyt's ‘A Midnight Bell.’ She later became a member of Charles Frohman's stock company; in 1892 supported John Drew in ‘The Masked Ball’; and in 1898 scored a marked success as Lady Babbie in J. M. Barrie's ‘Little Minister.’ In 1899 she played Juliet in ‘Romeo and Juliet’; in the season of 1900-01, won further approval as the Due de Reichstadt in Rostand's ‘L'Aiglon’; in 1901-02 took the character of Miss Phoebe in Barrie's ‘Quality Street’; in 1903-04 played 'The Pretty Sister of Jose 1; and in 1905-07 Barrie's ‘Peter Pan.’ She has appeared in such Shakespearean roles as Viola and Rosalind and assumed the title role in Rostand's ‘Chanticleer’ in 1911. In 1913-14 she starred in Barrie's ‘Legend of Leonora.’ Consult Clapp and Edgett, ‘Players of the Present,’ in the Dunlap Society Publications (New York 1899).