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ARNDT, or ARND, Johann, German Protestant theologian: b. Ballenstedt, Anhalt, 27 Dec 1555; d. Celle, Hanover, 11 May 1621. After having studied at Wittenberg, Strassburg and Basel, he was made pastor at Badeborn, Anhalt, 1583. This place he filled for seven years, when because of a dispute with Duke John George over procedure in the ritual he was deposed. He was, however, soon able to find another place at Quedlinburg; but here he was so much disliked by the townspeople that in 1599 he left, going then to Brunswick. In 1611 he was appointed general superintendent at Celle, Hanover, where he remained until his death. His chief works are “True Christianity” (1610); “Garden of Paradise” (1612). The best English translation of the first is that edited by Charles F. Schaeffer (1868). Of the latter the best English translation is by A. W. Boehm (1716).