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AUFFENBERG, ouf'-ėn-bėrH, Joseph, Baron von, German dramatist: b. Freiburg, 25 Aug. 1798; d. there, 25 Dec. 1857. After studying law in the Freiburg University, he entered the army, where he attained the rank of lieutenant of the horse guards. Several years afterward he became president of the committee of the Court Theatre at Karlsruhe. Among his more important productions are ‘Pizzaro’ (1823); ‘Ludwig XI in Peronne’; ‘Die Filibustier’; ‘Konich Erich’; ‘Das Opfer des Themistokles’; ‘Fergus MacIvor’; ‘Das Nordlicht von Kasan.’ His collected works were published at Wiesbaden in 1855 in 22 volumes. Consult Stahl, ‘Joseph von Auffenberg’ (Hamburg and Leipzig 1910).